Farm Frenzy

The weather was quite dismal yesterday. To make up for being cooped up inside, we headed to a couple of farms today. First, we headed back to the same park just a few minutes away to where someone’s farm houses this flightless bird. It might not be the same bird from my previous post since they have more than one of these walking around. I happen to think it’s cute even when my husband begs to differ.

‘Tis quite unfortunate indeed.

Looking for a domicile in another state is almost impossible. It appears ads for house/apartments for rent has been a boon for Nigerian scammers. Can you imagine one had the audacity to fabricate the whole bit of telling us a friend of ours couldn’t check the place out since they are in Boise. Not only that, the same one put up a listing that did not check out on another website that has the exact house address. The other one claimed to be in Colorado while the listing is in UT, but of course, they want us to send the deposit along with our Social Security numbers. Seriously. May the Lord have mercy on their souls for trying to scam people. To those who are seeking for a place to live, definitely beware.

Along with the Robin that is almost always present, Brewer’s blackbirds frequent this place.

I am a newbie when it comes to birding, but it’s good to do this now while the birds are here since they are dying off and becoming blind over in the Midwest and eastern states.

A roadside berry flower

Our second stop was back at the Strawberry farm. We ran out so we decided to pick more berries today. I decided to take pictures of flowers instead while we were there.

Such fortunate lilies. They have no concerns about clothing nor look for a place to live, but, I don’t mind staying here for a bit longer just enough to see the flowers I planted in the backyard mature. If God closes the door on our moving to UT, I’m okay with that. It can get quite hot over there.

These flowers are so tiny and delicate with such lovely colors.

“Surely none who wait for You will be put to shame; but those who are faithless without cause will be disgraced.”

Psalm 25:3

This bee is content being in the same place as long as there’s nectar.

“The LORD is good to those who wait for Him, To the soul who seeks Him.

Lamentations 3:25

9 thoughts on “Farm Frenzy

    1. Possibly. People cannot calculate everything that will happen whenever they introduce high levels of chemicals in the atmosphere and how detrimental it might be for other living organisms. Other than that, it is also bible prophecy in Zephaniah 1:3.

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  1. Yeah, these growing pangs are getting worse by the day! This apostasy regarding “Pride month” and LGBTQ is especially outrageous I’m finding. How people think homosexuality is okay is just extremely boggling.

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  2. I live in West-Salem, and so I have not seen any Pride Parades in my living area, no. Where I live isn’t that busy with people. 😂 When I go downtown though, I continually see Pride decor etc, especially at stores. My social media is what mainly frustrates me—people who I thought I knew as good Christians have been apologizing. I wouldn’t say I am or were close friends with them, but I thought they knew to say the least—for goodness sakes they went to my youth group—a youth group that believes what the Bible says about homosexuality. I talked to the people directly regarding LGBTQ and how it is wrong, but they refused to listen.

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    1. This agenda would be a dividing factor for all those who profess to be Christians. There are those who will cling to the truth written in God’s Word and those who will compromise to the culture. Only those who hold to God’s Word are legit.

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  3. The beauty of the Almighty God’s creation lifts the soul so to make good and nice decisions. Our strong faith and trust in the Lord God will lead us to the brighter side of life.

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