First things first, this blog is NOT about conspiracy theories. What I personally mean by MODCONSPIRACY is debatable between a movement to modesty or modernity. I appreciate Modern Art and happen to be far from being a proponent of postmodernist thinking.

Now on to the second part:

Where non sequitur is (almost) second nature… Simply put, I start talking about something and sometimes, somewhere along the way, I tend to digress but I do try to make sense. In the event that I don’t, feel free to slap some sense in the comments section. Now that I addressed that, this is a blog with no particular theme. However, my goal is to lead if even a single soul to the knowledge of Jesus Christ. My heart’s desire is that the Lord would give me the words to speak, in this case, write. I’m an ex-Catholic, born and raised, knew about Jesus but never truly understood the full implication of what He did for me until my personal encounter with Him in 2001.

This blog chronicles my personal spiritual insights, struggles, the mundane, fancies and whatever I am compelled to write about. I could be talking about things spiritual in nature one day and worldly matters the next (G-Rated I assure you), seemingly polar but hey, I am still trapped in this corruptible body which Scriptures refer to as “The Flesh”. I am very much a working progress when it comes to being in the world and not being of the world. Be warned, my directness can often be seen as unloving.

I’ve been on the other side of the spectrum and flipped sides so I know HOW it FEELS to be the “STIGMATIZED SINNER.”

It is far from my intention to condemn. However, it is my duty to convey truth and truth always seem to produce a stinging sensation like Agua Oxigenada to a wound.

I am a wife, mother to a teenage son and an elementary school-aged daughter, into graphic design (minimalistic- mine tends to be simple without too much feminine details), fashion, and have a fascination with Eschatology and Apologetics.

The prayer below is a personal declaration of my allegiance to follow Jesus Christ. It is not some “Magic Sinner’s Prayer” as some people coin it. But to tell you the truth, what I uttered in my most pressing and darkest moment was something similar to that. I did not get my prayer from anyone else; it came from the groanings of my spirit as I was convicted by the Holy Spirit. God works differently in people but my hope is that as a person truly seeking Jesus Christ reads it, my intent is to also be in agreement with that person. (Matthew 18:20)


It is not magic to believe in John 3:16 and Acts 2:21. It is faith put in action, and when we do that, we ARE in perfect alignment to God’s will.

If you stumbled upon this and you’re already sanctified by faith in Jesus, GREAT!

If you happen to not have made the crucial decision just yet, I hope you get there soon. There’s no better time to get your name written in the Lamb’s Book of Life than today.