One S.A.D Scenario

Carambola! I choose to go with this expression rather than my grandma’s “Caramba!” It’s an expression of frustration that I find myself getting affected by this seasonal darkness that envelops the Northwest during what’s meant to be “the most wonderful time of the year.” They have a term for this listless condition- Seasonal Affective Disorder. It makes weather-related blues sound so serious. Weather-related depression sounds more fitting. I just need the sun! My definition of a serious ‘disorder’ would be pedophilia which happens to be the new flavor of twisted proclivity that they are wanting to normalize nowadays.

What’s most sad however, is this horrific racist incident symptomatic of Matthew 24:7. Brace yourself for 30 seconds of raw brutality.

Apparently, the bullies think they are entitled to kick the Asian girl who defended someone they were bullying. Every life matters to God, especially those who are being attacked for no good reason. With the normalization of organized hatred in schools via CRT, we can expect more of this.


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