NIV Journal Edition: A Review

I am switching my main translation which was the NKJV for this NIV My Journal Edition. This has the complete NIV 2011 with lined 2-inch margins perfect to write my late night prayer and insights. I happen to do my reading when everyone else is asleep, the only time I can get some peace and quiet in the house. The best part about this is being able to write within the space provided without making my bible look like it’s been vandalized. Honestly, I don’t know why I waited so long to get something like this. I know this is designed for young girls but being an adult (only in age by the way), I couldn’t resist the whimsical floral retro design that graces the bible cover. It’s too cute to pass up.

It is a little hefty to be carrying around especially compared to what I’m used to which are compact-sized which fit perfectly in my purse without adding too much weight. Should you decide to carry this around, it will fit in a medium bag which adds about 2 lbs. I really like the idea of being able to write in my bible and not have to grab my journal to take notes but I probably won’t be taking this one to church simply because the lighting at the church we go to happens to be too dim for me to see what I am writing without swerving off the lines. I might however move some sermon notes in here from the church handout.

The bible/journal combo is approximately 1.5 inches thick with pages much thicker than your average bible suitable to write and or doodle/draw whatever comes to mind, of course pertaining to spiritual things. It is not a red letter edition and it does not have any concordance on the back since it is designed for young girls who are really not yet into chain references. It does have a Table of Weights and Measures on the very last page.

Overall, the bible’s quality is impressive and definitely designed to withstand daily use and handling since it appears to have smyth sewn binding for durability. The book also comes with a pink ribbon bookmark and pink elastic to keep the bible closed. This would make a great gift for someone young and old, who not only likes to write but most importantly, write about what God is conveying to them personally as they read His Word which can be treasured now and for years to come.

[This is my unadulterated review for a complimentary copy of the aforementioned book which I received from Book Look Bloggers]

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