The unorthodox rendition and presentation of the Scriptures in this 4-volume set of NIV Sola Scriptura from The Bible Project without the verse and chapter divisions make reading more spontaneous and immersive! I did a test read and picked Volume 2 labeled “The Latter Prophets” and read a 4-chapter book so quickly that it gave me a desire to read more of God’s Word which is definitely a good thing. This would be of great benefit especially when reading some of the longer books in the Old Testament like Isaiah, Jeremiah and Chronicles. Believe it or not, seeing figures like the length of the chapter to a casual bible reader can sometimes give a “dread” effect and get into the habit of deciding to read in increments of several verses within a chapter and leave the rest of the reading for later. This format encourages one to read passages in its full context.

Complete with the NIV text of the Holy Scriptures sectioned into four volumes, The Torah and former prophets, The Latter Prophets, The Writings, and lastly, The New Testament, the way the books are arranged is significantly different from your regular Bible. Matthew will not be the first book on the NT volume but Luke. Most of the epistles are also towards the beginning as opposed to being in the middle of the NT on any traditional Bible. It is arranged according to the author which puts the gospel of John next to the book of Revelation towards the end. It has thick semi-glossy pages with font size that is very readable and easy on the eyes. Don’t expect any references, commentary or any sort of infographics in this volume as there are none. It is straight up Sola Scriptura.

There are no pronounced chapter separations with numbers. However, on the bottom left and right of each page, you will find the range (verse numbers and chapter) of where you are in the particular book you are reading.

Presented in stunning and beautifully crafted hardbound set in navy and beige with the volume titles in metallic red, it is sure to make an excellent and spiritually impactful gift to that special bibliophile in your life. It is also sewn for durability and has a convenient navy ribbon bookmark in each book. I truly believe this format would be greatly appreciated not just by Bible-believing Christians but also the secular reader. This set is just an absolute treasure.

[I received this book set in exchange for an honest review from Booklook Bloggers]