Devotions From The Kitchen Table

God has every way of knowing when exactly I needed a lift in my spirit with Devotions from the Kitchen Table by Stacy Edwards which I received today. I was graced with my mother’s presence for the past couple of weeks and yesterday, I dropped her off so she can go on to her next destination, over to my sibling in the East Coast. I barely get to see her for most of the year, and sometimes, not in over a year so it is a lonely moment for me and the children since they love being pampered by Grandma.

As I skimmed through the pages, the devotional which caught my attention was one about taking a message. It talked about how it is of great importance to God that whatever message He relayed to us would be delivered with great accuracy. I have had recent encounters with people asserting their own opinions above what God has revealed in His word and this to me was a confirmation to reinforce what I deeply hold that no opinion (especially one that contradicts Scripture) should supersede God’s revelation no matter how valid and well-meaning it might sound. Our main objective is to hold true to His Word and not let our feelings betray us.

Apart from being blessed by that personal confirmation and the spiritually uplifting content, it is refreshing to see striking photography of everything familiar, a vignette of having your morning coffee, to preparing a scrumptious meal.

It is entitled Devotions from the Kitchen Table after all, although the photography extends beyond the kitchen table, which the book dubs, “the heart of your home.” Each devotion has a correlating Scripture. I love the fact that it is not particularly dated like most Devotional books which makes reading more of a random and spontaneous experience. Like any other devotional, it is not meant to be taken in on one sitting. It bears only 90 devotions (not 365) relevant to daily living which resonate to all of us as we continue to lead lives with mindful intent to be in accordance to biblical principles. It also has a short prayer to conclude each devotion.

The book is in hardcover, designed with an inviting kitchen scene which is bordered in mauve with printed details towards the spine. It has thick glossy pages and a convenient ribbon bookmark. It is made to last since it is sewn and would make an excellent and meaningful gift to any woman- a mother, a daughter, a sister, or a friend who appreciates counsel coming from a biblical worldview. Lastly, I find it quite impressive how the author chose not to put her name on the cover. It reveals much about her humility and motivation to give glory and honor to God.

[I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review from Booklook Bloggers]