Dabbling with Dual Boot


I just recently dabbled with dual boot. For those who do not know what that is, essentially, it is running 2 different Operating Systems within one pc. My first computer was an Apple Macintosh from which I first learned Adobe Photoshop, Hypercard and Macromedia Director. Being it was in the early 90’s (circa 1994), software was limited at the time which caused me to switch to Windows for most of my entire computing life until a friend introduced me to another operating system called Ubuntu, which is Open Source (which means it’s free license to the pubic) awhile back, but never really took action until recently.

After noticing some weird things going on with my Windows OS, I decided to take the plunge and installed the latest version of Ubuntu, 16.04 Xenial, and alongside that, a graphical boot menu called BURG. Another resource I used is this one here. I also installed a custom desktop theme called Numix  featuring circular icons which is quite a breath of fresh air from my old desktop setup with square icons.

I must say I am truly amazed at the fact that anyone can learn anything from just looking things up on the internet. Being a newbie to this Operating System, I am thankful to everyone out there who share their wealth of knowledge on how to do things when it comes to installing the OS’es and executing commands. I happen to have the role of being the Tech person (which is rather grueling- I remember how hellish it was when I had to wipe out all 5 computers because of a stupid virus!) in the household since my husband would rather busy himself with other more important things.

I’m still on my fifth day of running Ubuntu and definitely a lot of learning curve for me. I still have mixed feelings about completely ditching Windows for it, but with this dual boot thing, it’s only a matter of “What do I feel like using today?”