Always On Time

My family decided to go to a snowy mountain yesterday. The view was spectacular but all we could do was take a mental picture. There was absolutely nowhere to stop and park. The moment my husband decided to stop on the side which looked to be leveled, little did he know we were going to get stuck in the snow. He tried to maneuver his way out, but the car just pivoted to the right, deeper into the snow.

You’d think being up on a mountain not many would come by. It certainly looked like not many people were going where we were going. Just as we were trying to get unstuck, a wave of cars started to come from the opposite direction. They stopped and gave us a hand. There were also a bunch of able-bodied teenage boys who happened to be in the van to help push the car. All I could remember was seeing the word “Church” on the van. My mind was preoccupied by what just happened and the reality of the element being so treacherous.

How many people think they can do this and that not really thinking about what could happen to them. It brings me to the sad story of a man who merely wanted take a shortcut whose life ended up getting claimed in the process. On the way home, it made for a bridge to talk to the children about some who climb mountains to take pictures and never come back down. What happened yesterday could happen to anyone, some with a good ending (like ours obviously) and some leading to their demise.

As for us, God sent help just in time. How those people got there at the exact time we needed help was not a fruit of mere coincidence. Even then, the lesson to be learned is to be prepared. Going up a mountain without a shovel and traction chains is a no no but this runs deeper than the physical.

When something like this happens to you and there is no one to rescue you and the only seeming rescue is death, are you prepared to meet God?

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