I Touched The Sky When My Knees Hit The Ground

I have to say I NEVER liked the way Beyonce sang. I do however acknowledge that she is one beautiful and talented woman but I never resonated with her improvs. I always thought whenever she did that, she sounded like a wailing banshee. My feelings were validated when I saw an interview of her stating she actually gets possessed by some type of being before she makes big performances. That is one creepy admission if you ask me and that alone makes me run as fast as I can from her music.

It is obvious that the ruler of the kingdom of the air is somehow using Beyonce to mesmerize men worldwide with her physique and her sensual gyrations and what not onstage and hypnotize the masses with whatever that thing that possesses her wants to accomplish through her. Sad to say it seems she has made herself a willing conduit to forces unseen. Modern psychology may coin her buddy “Alter ego” but if you believe in the Bible, you know that could only mean one thing; demonic influence. So I say to any professing Christian out there who listens to Beyonce, you need to make a choice.

Before my encounter with the Lord, I listened to Smashing Pumpkins, Rob Zombie, Korn, Orgy, Hole to mention a few and the songs I bopped my head to had lyrics too graphic to retype here (Links to the songs to read the lyrics to know what I mean and I say, proceed with caution). I got suckered into the beat and the mass media saturation and monopoly on the airwaves. Little did I know I was skating along to songs that sounded really good to me at the time but I was unsuspectingly taking in messages from the enemy intent to bring me down and penetrate my being on a subliminal level.

Then I went through a phase where I listened to mainly trip-hop (Morcheeba, Babyfox, Dido, Aqua, Jem etc.) where I was more in tune with both the lyrics and the beat. I found my own soul’s musings in song form or so I thought. Don’t get me wrong, I still have some of the songs I used to listen to, the lyrically clean songs anyway. They’re not bad but those songs do not glorify and praise the Lord. They’re mostly self-centered. I haven’t completely gotten rid of them, but I make an effort not to listen to them as much if it can be helped.

Some songs I listened to made me fall into momentary delusions which did not fall in line with my Christian walk and so I made a conscious decision to stop listening to secular music altogether in 2002 and have never looked back. I am happy to say there are plenty of Contemporary Christian music that sound just as good as what the mainstream airwaves are playing with lyrics that are really quite cathartic personally, reminding me of God’s love for me and that we can never wander too far because His love always beckons and brings us back to Him.

If you’re the type who likes the beat mostly and disregard the lyrics, I say it’s time you need to pay more attention to the lyrics, and when you do, you will find there’s no going back (well for me anyway). Don’t buy into what the world is feeding you. Take the time to discover the true music of your soul.

And before I forget, Bon Weekend!