Carnal Moments: Cupcakes Than Christ


Today’s email devotional from Urban Alternative (Tony Evans) happens to be about Carnal Christians and so I am staying with the theme and putting up a throwback of my very own “Carnal Christian” moment when I was more concerned about cupcakes rather than Christ & current events (this pic was taken one Thursday afternoon sometime in 2013). I can honestly say that sometimes, it’s better to be oblivious of all the weird things going on in our world today, mass murders, mass disinformation, media manipulation, great apostasy, global cataclysmic events etc. Really, I don’t think anyone wants to think about all these depressing things so I am reminiscing my days of spiritual complacency, just for today. I want to go back in time but then I don’t. Making and baking cupcakes (or other things and hobbies etc.) should be secondary to seeking Christ. Sometimes I tend to forget this.

Ever since I got my dose of the red pill (You know, The Matrix. Ok, I know this is really cliché but that won’t stop me from using it), there’s no going back. Choosing to remain ignorant would be to my own detriment and not only that, God would hold me accountable for not having done anything with the truth that He has commissioned me to proclaim about Salvation in Jesus Christ. This task by the way is expected from EVERY single believer, not just me. After all, when you truly think about it, He opened your eyes so you can spread His goodness to this dying world. I don’t have to be a big shot missionary to proclaim the love of Jesus Christ. As you can see, the internet has made all that possible even for a stay at home mother of deux.

“So then, we must not sleep, like the rest, but we must stay awake and be serious.”
1 Thessalonians 5:6