Christianity And Voting

Flowers, the least polarizing subject… If only the same could be said about Politics

Trying not to get overly political in this voting season is hard but it is *unavoidable. I encountered someone who told me everything is basically rigged in the political realm. It’s something I’ve heard before and while I don’t completely disagree with that, it is only a facet of the whole story. To the professing Christian who is into end times but fail to see events through the lens of what’s written in Scripture, please do not forget this very crucial truth; The full picture includes the fact that people can try their best to influence outcomes, but God IS and always will be sovereign.

People out there are so busy trying to remind us of separation of church and state because they don’t want to hear talks about preserving traditional values they claim no longer apply to the current state of affairs and yet what comes from the same people is the push for big government to mandate how we freedom-loving folks live our lives.

Christian, don’t dare think Politics is removed from the confines of your Christianity. Sure, Jesus’ kingdom is not of this world, but if you idly sit and let lawlessness run rampant, you are neglecting Jesus’ prescription of being a light in this dark world. Talking about how things are taking a turn for the worse won’t change anything without action and it especially does not make one any more righteous by washing their hands out of “dirty” politics. If in the future laws are passed to dub gospel preaching as hate speech is not important, you can sit this one out but this kind of complacency can result to the denial of the great commission. This is just one but the most important reason.

If you are okay with lawlessness, there’s no point in voting. Many of us get irritated when we are at the store standing in line when someone decides to cut in front us. I’ve let people cut in front of me before, but the skipping the line highlighted before us as a nation can involve a decade of waiting for those who want to come to this country legally. America must not reward people, who, in the beginning, choose to break its laws while demanding respect and charity.

If a vote does not count, I don’t see the point in counterfeiting voter pamphlets (in TX) mucking the truth about a candidate’s platform and a crucial issue they support and passing it in a church congregation for the very purpose of disinformation. There’s certainly no point in inundating us with political ads. Don’t buy the lie. Put the right that was given to you to good use.

If this sounds like a lecture, my apologies but I am writing this because I refuse to be lectured by people whose core strategies and platform run on lies, empty promises, slander, government-mandated theft (a.k.a. Socialism), plain racial and gender tribalism and most especially, blatant hypocrisy.

Let us be reminded of the utterances from countless politicians and their media promoters- (pseudo journalists and celebrities) who appear to “champion” tolerance but themselves condone and incite incivility, in turn, causing division.

If they can’t be civil with you simply because of what you believe, remember,

“The good person out of the good treasure of his heart produces good, and the evil person out of his evil treasure produces evil, for out of the abundance of the heart his mouth speaks.”

Luke 6:45