The Hustle & Bustle Of Seattle

My family’s trip to Seattle was not as expected. While setting foot there reminded me of the metropolitan vibe of NYC- the shops and the busyness, the terrain was clearly different. Downtown Seattle has what seems to me like 80 degree street slopes I’ve never seen before (clearly a hyperbole here but they were pretty steep). I think it’s totally insane and even the thought of having to park a car at such an angle was unsettling for my husband, a seasoned driver who saw my discomfort as we cruised through the steep inclines. I don’t have fear of heights. The only thing I don’t like however is thinking about cars rolling backwards for some strange reason. Aside from the terrain, Seattle is a very clean city compared to Portland and NYC. We forgot to visit Chinatown but we might as well have since Seattle happens to be saturated with Asians.

Feeling like a sardine in a can. Not too far fetched actually. It smelled quite fishy in there
Pike Place Market promenade

The view we were afforded at the hotel was quite spectacular overlooking Bellevue’s skyline. I didn’t find myself snapping away at structures we always find in postcards but I stuck to nature for the most part.

Kubota Garden
Some fan-looking flower @ Kubota
Koi fish with the clouds reflected on the pond

It was indeed amazing to experience Seattle in Spring but the subjects which called my attention weren’t man-made but that of what’s familiar, the living things and scenery that some of us take for granted as we go through the motions of life all year round.

Tulip @ Medina
Some park in a Bellevue neighborhood facing Lake Washington
Not all that glitters is gold, Lake Washington

They may as well be taken from someone’s backyard but at least I can always look back and recall where I was when I took the pictures and how beautiful the day was.

As we were nearing the iconic Space Needle, I pondered on what would make the architects responsible of designing the landmark ever think of creating an otherworldly structure emulating that of an alien spacecraft.

Seattle is beautiful but Bellevue where we stayed at is not called that without reason as it means nice/beautiful view in French when translated and it rings true. Of course I don’t know if they named the city for this reason, maybe, but I haven’t looked into this. We actually preferred being in Bellevue, the third largest city in the Seattle metropolitan area, compared to the hustle and bustle of Seattle.

Although the trip was quite memorable, my family has come to appreciate the city where God planted us here in OR. My husband gets the full brunt of it but I like the fact that the taxes are already taken out from the wages so the state no longer slaps Sales tax on what you buy whereas Seattle taxes 10% on anything you buy, a 3% jump from the 7% I have been accustomed to in FL.

When we were still living in the East Coast, we were praying and wishing to move to Seattle but now that we have visited the place, we’re glad we didn’t end up moving there. Visiting the place is great but to live there would be another story.

Lastly, I am proud to say no selfies were taken while visiting Seattle. Selfies are not bad but there’s this saying about anything done in excess. I find this worth mentioning as I couldn’t believe my eyes seeing young’uns take selfies even while in the middle of the road with traffic and all. I mean seriously?