Places & Faces

We ventured out to Lake Oswego before my family’s trip out of the country. I’ve been looking forward to this trip for awhile and when the days were nearing, it seemed time was never enough.

Taiwanese skies…

Our second stop was Taiwan. I asked the stewardess if I could sit on the empty window seat to take a picture of the outside but sadly, she said “No.” I waited to move to the seat after take-off and I was sad (and frankly quite annoyed) I missed the city landscape. I’m content to settle with the Taiwanese mountains. We are a party of four and we were seated in the middle of the plane since there were only 2 seats on the left and right sides of the aircraft. We spent about 24 hours at 3 airports combined plus a ferry ride to our destination.

La Isla Bonita

We rested the first day and headed to the beach the next day. It was low tide.

A tropical orchid in my mother’s garden.

Nutty for coconuts. If my memory does not betray me, I tried to climb the same coconut tree where these came from during my childhood.

The sunset on our second day.

This was today’s sunset, 9/27/19. It’s about 8 am in OR and the day here is 1 hour short of being over. We are visiting my mother for her 80th birthday.

My mother’s washing machine inconveniently broke today so I handwashed our sweat-soaked clothing. It’s only been day three and waiting for it to pile up would become an inevitable nightmare para mi. Every glass of water we drink instantly becomes sweat, but even the humidity has nothing on being able to gather together with family and friends I have not seen in over a decade. My husband is doing beautifully at overcoming his culture shock while my children are enjoying themselves.

It’s quite late.

Until next time.