I love lace and crochet overlays, but besides all that, I can’t justify buying a “pricejacked” purse because of some designer label attached to it. Some pastor was preaching about how most people buy stuff because of the label and he said something that I truly resonated with, “Why do I have to go broke to make some rich person richer?”

My philosophy is why buy the “It brand” shoes, computer, phone, etc. when you can buy cheaper than what everyone promotes and asserts to be better especially if the functionality is practically the same? Quality aside, what is the ulterior motive?

My cognac purse cost a measly 5 dollars with a coupon. I happened to return an item, so that and the coupon allowed me to get it that cheap. I’m not ashamed to carry a bag that cost me close to nothing granted that it fits my style preference. I have learned my lesson about getting what I paid for. Buying vegan leather handbags and shoes is a definite NO especially if you don’t plan to wear it out everyday ’til you get your money’s worth and you just let it sit there for years. In the event you do decide to use it, the polyurethane layer practically falls apart, leaving you with the fabric backing and some flaky residue of what used to be the handbag’s color. If I go faux, it will only be the suede kind. So… definitely a lesson learned there.

Navy, Cognac and Oxblood really go well together. I usually stick to two contrasting colors but in this case, since neutrals don’t really clash, I’m making an exception. Btw, who says I can’t wear oxblood during the summer? In my own fashion world, I make the rules.

Status symbols I believe is one of the masses’ great delusions. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with owning expensive things. However, if owning those very things become the basis of one’s identity, the problem lies therein. My point is, anyone can look really pulled together without the name brands and the risk of maxing out credit cards just to keep up with the Joneses…

“For what is highly admired by people is revolting in God’s sight.”

Luke 16:15b HCSB