The Mundane


Went on a quick drive with the family viewing farm life and ended up somewhere new. I brought the camera with every intent to take pictures but alas, my intentions quickly crumbled upon the realization that I forgot to bring the battery pack!

Anyway, who’s to say I need to be somewhere to take a picture? I saw the opportunity of taking a silhouette photo of something I have seen a thousand times. Maybe, yes maybe, I am seeing this thing much different than how I normally would see it; Just a thing. And today, this very thing happened to be there as the dusk set at a specific time, in a specific day, on a specific year depicting a specific mood.

What about life? Oftentimes we miss appreciating the things, the ordinary in pursuit of something great that in the process, we end up missing out on something that might have been great had we given it a chance. And who’s to know the mundane would actually be something to look back to and be considered as part of the “Good old days” especially when a big wave of tribulation looms in the horizon?