Cooties & Covid Anti-vaxxers

I’m not much into celebs, but Cancel Culture is an equal opportunity afflicter. This pretty much shows that the America we used to know is operating like China where there’s no room for dissent. It appears that any celebrity who chooses to go against the narrative gets canned and/or shamed.

Aside from blood clots and sensations of having creatures crawling inside one’s body, I’ve seen testimonies of endometriosis as an adverse reaction to the hocus poke all the way to stillborn births and impotence. The people were perfectly fine prior to getting their lifesaver, so you can imagine why some are declining the boosters and refusing the procedure altogether.

Some who have bought the lie practically wish evil on those who decide to skip the modified nanoparticle flu shot, from wishing them dead, all the way to wishing that the government will have the kids taken away. It’s amazing how people can record themselves with all the hateful sentiment and manage to smile while spewing all that filth.

This blackbird was preening itself.

Runtime: 1:25

The whole time I was recording, it was desperately trying to shake something off.

Cooties maybe? The second-class anti-vaxxers? Those who are pushing for a new world are purging every sector of society of people who do not buy the lie. Questioning and thinking are no longer welcome. They want people to be fed up. They desire an uprising so they can usher a police state to keep things under control and guess what? They are making sure they have only the kind of personnel who does nothing but do their bidding without question. If you think this is bad, you haven’t seen anything yet.

“And it shall come to pass That whoever calls on the name of the LORD Shall be saved.’”

Acts 2:21