A Statement In A Non Statement


No gossip here. Just my 2 cents on two very public figures in the music industry. I grew up listening to Madonna (pre conversion of course) and I believe Lady Gaga definitely surpasses Madonna when it comes to vocals without a doubt, but I never was a fan of Gaga. I do agree that what I heard and seen of Lady Gaga’s work somehow reminds me of Madonna, in this day and age. The sad thing is, Madonna happens to be upstaged and overshadowed by her alleged “copycat.”

I no longer listen to secular music so I could care less about these two as far as that’s concerned. But, I can definitely say Lady Gaga took the high road by refraining to make an obvious and verbal political statement as opposed to Madonna’s epic statement of “choosing love” after having given an encouraging speech to unabombers that it’s perfectly justified to think about “blowing up the White House.”

So, as it turns out, Lady Gaga just made her statement that she is in fact better than Madonna even on this one and sad to say Miss Madge will always be known for her nasty speech. As an adage goes, “It’s not about how you start.  It’s how you finish.”