Have you ever seen Bloodsport? I was barely 10 when I saw the movie and yet, one scene that is indelible was the fight scene towards the end. Something I could not forget was the indignation I felt upon seeing the other guy resorting to dirty tactics, throwing something in Frank’s (played by Van Damme) eyes, so that he would win the fight. I’m now almost 40 and yet, I remember the details.

When I watched the exact scene again (*here*), I don’t feel the same indignation I felt back then and the acting seems kinda cheesy to me now. Even so, it remains to be one of my favorite movies especially because of the ending where the one who was cheated ended up as the victor.

The past week has been nothing but a political bloodsport and even now, it continues to be. Although things are looking up, the next 24 hours will be the longest for Judge Brett Kavanaugh and his family. The nightmare is definitely not over yet, but whatever happens is God’s will.

As a Christian, we are called to lead a life of faith (not the blind kind), renew our minds, renounce a lifestyle of sin and most certainly not toss our brains (Matthew 10:16). We must not ignore and discount the evidence presented to us.

If you claim to be a Christian but consider yourself a Liberal when it comes to politics, before you take your ‘Kava “Nah”‘ placard to the streets to support the cause of those who employ bully tactics to get their way, I implore you to rethink your stance. Before you go out the door, can you grant respect when people don’t see things your way? Screaming and bullying people may appear to yield results, but the long-term impression is that it only exposes the filth that’s deep-seated in your core camouflaged with “Social Justice.”

The irony of this whole scenario is that the people who appear to be looking for more evidence/calling for more investigation don’t really care about the truth or the political road kill, but only to obtain power for themselves. It is the same crowd who’d crucify people based on false accusations, (and you better pray you will not be accused of anything in this climate of “guilty before proven innocent”), who demand justice from everyone else but themselves are unable to give it.

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