Some Sick Liberal Parenting

This is the first time ever I made two posts within one day and trust me, this calls for it. If you have a faint heart, proceed with caution when viewing the video because it is truly sad. It is less than 3 minutes.

When I saw this footage of a mother who is “smart” enough to share her self-incriminating video and show the world her support for tolerance, she exemplifies the antithesis of what she supposedly stands for (easy to point fingers at conservatives indeed as bigots but a typical effect of the media’s constant bombardment with the purpose of further inciting the racial divide) and it is heartbreaking to see this being directed at her little boy.

I hope Child Protective Services takes this boy and puts him to live with someone who is stable and sane. That is how much hatred liberals pushing for tolerance have in their hearts. Even for a mock election. Sad.

Christians, let us pray that God would touch the hearts of these people and of those who have taken to the streets, vandalizing and destroying property, disrupting the peace, who have missed the point of democracy whom the enemy has put a stronghold of hostility.

The mother claims it is all a joke. If it were, even the sibling cried in compassion. If this were truly a joke, it’s one coming from someone who needs serious psychiatric evaluation. You decide.