This Is What I’m Going To Do In Life

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I can definitely relate to the guy in blue, “Woo! Woo! Then What?” Desiring to excel in life is a universal goal. I grew up in a culture where reaching the top is everything even though my parents never imposed it on me. While the rest of my relatives are architects, accountants and engineers, here I am, an unschooled nothing. For some people, their pursuit for success even went as far as resorting to marriage for convenience, getting a degree for something they have no passion for the sole purpose of monetary gains and some other ungodly method like selling their soul to the devil.

People have their reasons and I’m sure they’re all valid. Some people choose to follow the world’s definition of success and some choose to follow God’s will which may entail becoming the refuse of the world. Sometimes I wonder if I didn’t stray from the expected path, what I could have been, but I know I probably would have taken the longer route to find God. The more prideful people get with everything they have accomplished, the farther they are to even think about God. As promising and rewarding everything looks to people, it can all be brought to nothing by sudden death, a natural disaster or simply being swindled by someone who handled their investments, something they thought would secure them for life. Nothing is ever secure.

And so even though I am considered the least in my family, I have God and the assurance of being with Him the moment I breathe my last and the lasting peace that fear of death no longer holds me captive. From time to time, I’m not exempt from the fleshly tug of looking to the world’s definition of success but I have to remind myself that life here is much shorter compared to eternity.

“What does it profit a man to gain the whole world, yet forfeit his soul?

Mark 8:36