Definitely Dollar Tree


I am one frugal shopper and who in their right mind would not want to stretch the value of a dollar? In this day and age, frugality is an absolute must especially coming from a 4-person household with only one breadwinner.

On one of my trips to the Dollar Tree, I spotted this fake flower arrangement and I had to take it home with me. It happens to go well with the contemporary setup we have going on in the house. I love having plants but the live ones honestly just take too much effort to keep it looking pretty.

I simply want to talk about the amazing deals this store carries, from decor to craft books (I’ve collected books about Yarn, Embroidery, Interior Decorating and Cookbooks). They also have a decent array of Homeschool paraphernalia, toiletries, greeting cards, occasional Imported goodies from Poland (Chocolates), Egypt (Jams), Mexico (Biscuits), Argentina (Candies), Vietnam (Coffee) etc., gift wrapping paper, and most especially bathroom cleaning agents. They happen to carry “The Works” which is the only toilet bowl cleaner I depend on to do the hard work for me. If I could get it for a buck, why would I go elsewhere and spend more?

Anyway, I can say I am one sold Dollar Tree customer for life, and no, I am not being compensated to make this post.