Designer or Dud


I love fashionable things but I’d like to think I don’t toss my practicality in pursuit of all things fashionable. Being that it is fall, all things neutral is the “in” thing.

I snagged the Ann Taylor Pebbled signature crossbody clutch via Poshmark in like new condition earlier this fall. It retailed for 88 last year but I got it for 13! What attracted me to this item in particular was its minimalist design. It has a subdued quatrefoil like logo which doesn’t bother me one bit.

Now, I saw this Christian Siriano for Payless Taupe clutch with similar features, with chain and clutch style. It currently retails for less than 15 bucks (and even less coupled with a 20% off coupon). What attracts me to this item is the texture. In my opinion, the style is definitely there. It looks nice and my husband doesn’t usually comment but he actually likes it.

I know of people who look down on people because they have stuff that is not considered designer, but to them, a “dud” and heaven forbid I become that condescending. To be honest, I am discriminating in a way but not solely because of the name attached to something, but mainly the design concept and element. I will reject something that I personally find revolting like too much conflict with patterns, big and ugly logos that in my opinion, actually takes away from the design etc.

You don’t see the less ubiquitous brands being counterfeited like Isaac Mizrahi or Christian Siriano. Hardly anyone cares about these… What you do see mostly counterfeited are Coach, LV, Michael Kors, Gucci etc. In the end, only the ones who own the real deal (a chosen few) can actually spot the fake. To be very blunt, does the majority of the populace really care?

Don’t let mainstream marketing sucker you into buying something because everyone else is buying it. Take the time to discover your “OWN” taste.