Grace For The Moment: Review


As we tread in this quagmire called life, Grace is definitely something we can never have enough of and this devotional book from Max Lucado (my first and only book from this author/pastor) is complete with 365 daily devotions, its content mainly a compilation derived from his own previously published books that cover a wide range of topics and issues we all go through from anger, disappointment, self-worth, to affirming the depth of God’s love for each and every one of us. They are short and yet reflective.

Don’t know what to meditate on for the day? Like any other devotional (from reputable pastors preferably,) it can nudge one in the right direction. It has the scriptural reference/verse which corresponds to the scenario right under the catchy heading for each devotional. Although dated, you can choose to open it and skim through to find the devotional which correlates to exactly how you are feeling at the moment. I do that same exact thing with my bible. I don’t go through a structured daily reading plan like my husband does. I prefer the randomness and spontaneity of just opening my bible and reading the chapter of where I land on, or, I specifically go to particular books/chapters addressing the topic I have in mind.

It is presented in brown simulated leather with elegantly embossed tree and leaf details with the book’s title printed in gold. It has the look and feel of a bible, made with thicker cream colored pages, with the “Pocket Prayers” pages (these are prayers) bordered with leafy designs. The book has smyth sewn binding, no worries of glued pages coming undone through years of handling, and has a convenient brown ribbon bookmark.

I got up in the middle of the night to read this book and although it was not cold in the prayer closet, I started to get goosebumps. As I was relating to my husband last night’s experience early this morning, I got the same reaction, goosebumps. It is quite perplexing to be honest, but I can only deduce it’s not a good thing. I was intent on giving it a rave review until I did a quick research on the author.

While the book is no doubt beautifully crafted, I find myself wary in recommending any of his published works mainly because of his involvement in Ecumenism, the movement to overlook fundamental doctrinal differences in the guise of unity even with those who hold to damnable heresies and those who belong to false religions (on the surface, this sounds like a dream come true but it is a direct contradiction to John 14:6) and secondly, his oblivious participation in Syncretism, the fusion of New Age beliefs (Mysticism) into Christianity which equates to compromise (I was into New Age before I came to Christ).

So far, I have not encountered anything doctrinally questionable in this book from what I have read. It’s not meant to be read in one sitting so in the event that I do find something iffy, I will update this review. To any Max Lucado fan out there, you can choose to buy his books (or not,) but tread with extreme caution. My overall rating for this book is a 3 out of 5, heavily leaning on presentation alone, not including the content.

[This is my unadulterated review for a complimentary copy of the aforementioned book which I received from Book Look Bloggers]