A Break From Silence; A Spectacle From The Skies

Soooo, as you can see, I have gone A.W.O.L from the blogosphere for the first two weeks of this month. My family and I took a quick drive to return the movie “Thor” we just saw to redbox and on the way home, lo and behold, I saw a red moon! I am not a scientist and I don’t know the explanation for the red moon occurrence, yeah, I might have to google that up. I had to ask my husband to hurry to get us home so I could take a picture of it. Sorry for the quality. I tried to get it as good as I could but my equipment is limited in that arena but below is what I got.

The moon was more of a dark red but the camera failed to capture its hue in actual occurrence. For those of you who failed to see it, this will have to do.

Click here to see another person’s capture of the same Blood moon on September 13.
I believe his capture is more true to color. Mine has been lightened due to the flash and I had optical zoomed my camera 15 times.

I was born to a culture that adhered to countless superstition but when I came to know Jesus Christ (back sometime in 2001), that was one of the major scales that fell off of me. I still have plenty of scales to come off but I suppose everything has its own timing. Anyway, as a residue of my superstitious upbringing, I immediately told my husband that a red moon was supposed to not be a good thing. I honestly don’t know why I said that.

My husband googled red moon and came up with plenty of stuff too strange for our taste lol. Maybe some hold true and maybe it’s just nothing. I know this is going to sound weird and maybe some will label me “brainwashed” or whatever and yeah I know as I think and read what I am writing, it does seem truly spooky and more cult-like.  I could care less but as Christians, we have the hope that whatever happens, God is sovereign and in control and we have a blessed hope that should this be a precursor to what is known in the Bible as The Great Tribulation that is to come, redemption is at hand.

Anyways, quite an entry… I just can’t pass up the blood moon.

P.S. In 31 years of my existence, today is the first time ever I have seen the moon this red and the same goes for my husband who is 35. So this is quite a spectacle for us, you can imagine.