Reverse Racism Is Just As Evil


Forgive me for highlighting such vulgarity. I don’t know why these people are smiling while holding these placards. I am clearly not Caucasian but this sign is truly offensive for the fact that these people are celebrating something that they claim to be the “High Road” but is rather so wrong in every possible angle. If Liberalism has completely taken the sense out of most New Yorkers, then I am proud to say that I’m glad I left New York while I had the chance. The sad part about this whole thing is that these people are themselves Caucasians and yet, they clearly have no respect for their own race especially the one on the left. This is supposedly a family and shame on the parents for condoning their daughter’s racist sentiment.

Racism is WRONG plain and simple directed to any color. But the media has done its job in inculcating to every American who watches their “Programming” (it’s called that for a reason)…Black Lives Matter… Well ALL Lives Matter, not just black.

As an Asian American, I have experienced racism in NYC. It did not come from White people but rather, Black people. The picture above only reminded me of my own account of being the receiving end of bigotry by some random black woman who had the audacity to spit at me in the Subway and tell me to go back where I came from because she claims I stole her job. She needed some psychiatric treatment for sure.

Another account was of me being in Miami. I was at a store and two young black males were making these pretend gibberish Chinese (ching chong wah blah blah blah) simply because I was there.

While I have forgiven the few Black people who have wronged me, it is sad to see that some people crying for justice and tolerance are themselves lacking in giving what they are demanding for. I do not have any hatred towards the Black race despite my experience. I simply had a bad experience with a few and I’m sure not all black people are like that. To anyone who will dare label me a racist for sharing my account, I had some good friends who happened to be black.

If everyone just for one second stopped watching the media, we are all better off. We have but the Matrix to blame for all of the hatred. While the History of America clearly has evidence of racism against Natives, Blacks, and Asians, the media loves to incite and stir the vocal minority to further their agenda of reverse racism. For the most obvious reason, this is all happening while we have a Black president in office. For those of you who haven’t seen 2016: Obama’s America and Hillary’s America both by Dinesh D’Souza, you should watch it. It is quite an eye opener for every single American.

I wish someone out there with the influence would start a petition to boycott the media.

[Image Credit: Yahoo]