I have been feeling unsettled since most of yesterday. It appears my days here in Oregon are numbered. Though for most of my life I’ve led a somewhat transient life, my family has gotten used to this place. Since we moved here for close to five years, the homeless crisis has gotten worse over the last couple of years. It doesn’t help that OR voted to decriminalize hard drugs in Nov. 2020. It enables people to engage more in pharmakeia.

Like the flowers, we’re only here for a short while and then poof… away we go, not in an eternal repose kind of way, but moving away. I planted some sunflowers in the backyard and I have no idea if I’ll even be around to see them grow.

This tree seems to have been here for quite some time. It’s firmly rooted in front of a landmark house. It seems my lot in life is that I can barely get rooted in one place.

I’m feeling a lot like this bee that goes from one destination to another.

As my husband and I went for a drive downtown, we passed through the Grand theater and the marquee says, “SAY YES TO NEW ADVENTURES.” I love adventures more than anything, but it’s the last minute packing and putting things in boxes that I absolutely dread.

“The LORD replied, “My Presence will go with you, and I will give you rest.”

Exodus 33:14

More than ever will my entire family need to take comfort in this promise.