Intolerance At Its Finest


I am a spiritual person far from being religious, but to an Atheist, there’s no difference so I won’t bother trying to explain. Atheists call people who believe in God delusional because they see past what is seen. I call that insight, something they clearly lack, yet these people have the audacity to denigrate and reduce people of faith and call them unintelligent.

“Where is the evidence?” they ask. Yet if you ask them to produce the evidence of their faith in evolution, they themselves fall short and so they resort to ad hominem attacks on God’s character (How could such a good God allow people to suffer in Hell for eternity is the standard script) to appeal to an emotional level, clouding people’s logic, rather than accepting the fact that they are arguing to their own defeat. Feelings are feelings, logic is logic; two different things but an Atheist can resort to emotions to argue their case about a logical concept. Yet they can easily invalidate our arguments when we bring up faith. Such a double standard.

It is not their fault however. Rather, it is originating from their puppet master, Lucifer who coined the slogan, “Do what thou wilt.” When you truly look at it, Atheism rejects ANY notion of God and accountability to God, while Satanism rejects God and accountability to God. These two avenues both lead to the same end; the former is cloaked in an “intelligent” deception, the latter a raw form acknowledging the origin of such blatant defiance.

If you’re going to cry tolerance, you better make sure you walk your talk.

These very same people judge people of faith when we talk about God. We have every right to talk about God just as they have every right to talk about their unbelief. Yet society approves when they violate and marginalize people of faith, an inalienable right for them so it seems while they point their fingers at us for being judgmental. Ahhh the injustice is insufferable but this is the price we pay for being citizens in Christ’s kingdom. This world is not our home.

If you happen to be an Atheist and you are reading this, I have no beef with you. You however have beef with God. I am merely practicing my free will to believe in Him as you are practicing your free will to believe you don’t have free will, living to do as you will, yet not having free will? I can say, that is quite something to truly think about. At least the Satanists are honest in saying they want to do their own will rather than God’s, but then again, don’t Atheists do the same thing?

“The fear of the LORD is the beginning of wisdom, and the knowledge of the Holy One is understanding.”

Proverbs 9:10