Religion, Politics & the Perfect Candidate


I don’t have “extreme” interest in Politics (really), but I must say my father was a politician in a Third World country before we moved to the United States in the early 90’s, and therefore, as much as I want to shy away from this, I am still my father’s daughter; his political inclinations course through my veins. Apart from this, as an Evangelical and taking into account what’s written in Scriptures, it is of absolute importance to have a leader with integrity, one who seeks after God’s heart.

I was in a forum a few months back about which candidate one would vote for. I feel compelled to share my answer here to some woman whom I think was an Atheist who asked me a question about why people believe their religion is relevant in politics, that there are laws regarding separation of Church and State and why most people seem to overlook that.

After reading her discourse about people who are religious are no better than those who do not want to affiliate themselves to any religion but still abide by their own “moral” code, she then goes on to tag me to explain and answer her question, she must have read my exchange with someone else, and I must say, hers was one posed with an ulterior motive since it seemed she was already set in her own presuppositions. I can also say the forum was one where people seem to gang up on you especially if you stick up for the truth.

Anyway, this was my answer to her,

Morality ties to religion. Religion acknowledges God as the origin of Morality. People try to put morality on its own but without a standard, it cannot stand. If you were stranded in an island and you have a person who claims to believe in God and has restraints, choosing to go against his propensity, wouldn’t you prefer being around that person rather than someone who is given to whatever he thought was right even though to him, stealing or having to eliminate the other person would be justified in his own eyes? since he doesn’t have to be accountable to a God he claims to not exist (which by the way his denial does not in any way nullify the validity of what is being denied).

I find it highly contradicting for one to think they are moral but abide by relativism. Let’s assume one is an Atheist. Would it be consistent for them to claim they have the capacity to sacrificially love someone without them appearing to be hypocritical? (survival of the fittest) I would say they would most likely go their merry way and strive to survive no matter what the cost rather than die for someone they don’t personally know. People say they can be moral but 2 Timothy 3:5 alludes there are such people who appear to be moral and have a form of godliness but deny its power.

We can all say I won’t do this or I won’t do that but in the end, our true selves come out only at the time we are facing the toughest decisions we are to make. Integrity is something we all need to work on, and something we MUST look for in a person seeking to be the leader of our country.

Religion is an integral part of what makes people who they are. The lack thereof will spur anarchy. They can try to separate religion from government, but no one can deny that a person’s conduct in whole (or in part) is dependent on the set of religious beliefs they adhere to.

I was born in the late 70’s (in my estimation, she could have been a Millennial), and I could honestly say I wish I could blast myself to a time when things weren’t as bad as they are now.

The Leftist agenda has permeated every nook and crevice in society and especially the school system with the new generation deeply indoctrinated with Atheism, and political leanings to Socialism, which this country stood to fight against. The saddest part is, it’s only a matter of time when they will get their way. Almost half the world has already succumbed to this political system. It appears to be for and about the people but ultimately, some dark and sinister force is pulling the strings.

Socialism is a device to precondition people to accept the antichrist system. It is the inevitable.

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