Wintry Get-up

My quest for a textured coat went bust so I opted for a textured dress instead! I snagged this boucle look dress for less than 10 bucks and I am more than pleased. I just got it in the mail today and visualized what I can pair it with. Due to the nature of its length, I think boots would be better with it along with black tights. I’m not sure about the mocha scarf but I thought it would pair well with the oxblood satchel. Both the dress and the boots have texture being that the boots are suede.

Still wishing for weather cold enough for me to don this. I seriously don’t understand why God would give me the skill set to make cold weather accessories like beanies and scarves when I am literally confined to a perpetually Summer state. Hmm, maybe God is preparing me for the polar shift? Who knows? If the possibility of this scenario intrigues you, look this up yourself and see what you think of it. Keywords Phil Scherrer, Polar Shift. Could be nothing, could be something. You decide.

I suppose I haven’t shaken off my New York state of mind, and by this, I mean the four seasons.