Cell: Be Attentive To A Dose Of Truth Despite The Chaos


I can’t explain my fascination for the apocalypse but for believers, it is a glorious time to look forward to the renewal of all things, while for most people, it is something that evokes fear and something they’d rather not think and talk about. I can say my interest started when I was a little girl. I would have dreams of the end times involving having to make a choice, being in a line of people and asked whether or not I would renounce the faith along with sad scenarios which involved my blind grandmother whom I happened to have been really close to. She passed away 10 years ago.

I know this is far from being a Christian movie but I can definitely say this is as close as it can get to being clean when it comes to sexual content even for one spewed out by Hollywood which probably contributed to the subpar rating of the movie. It IS however VERY graphic when it comes to the zombified reactions of the people who were afflicted by a mysterious bug carried through the cell phone waves which made them act under hypnosis and something reminiscent of demonic possession on a massive scale.

I especially liked the subtle attempt of proselytizing through the blue sign that was briefly flashed around 14-15 minutes into the movie that said, “JESUS SAVES” and another instance where one of the main characters emphatically recited a paraphrase derived from the Book of Psalms (specifically Psalm 40:11-15) in the middle of the movie, a couple of reasons that might have added to its low rating since the world really has no regard for anything Scripture related, other than I must admit, it needed a tad bit of clarity in the plot (but we can’t expect that from every movie), regarding a main character’s foresight of the impending event. I do believe it wasn’t too bad despite what other people rated it.

There’s definitely a lot of symbols and parallels of biblical end time events. One most blatant subliminal message I got from it was “Resistance is futile.” This is all I can tell you since I don’t want to give spoilers any more than what I have mentioned if you do decide to watch this. We rented it through Amazon Prime. I don’t believe it is out on DVD yet.

Bon Weekend y’all and don’t you ever forget that JESUS indeed SAVES.