The Real Crime

In a society that doesn’t recognize sin, everything is a sin…

I have tried to stay away from reacting to the SOTU address and the blatant display of hypocrisy as women dressed in white cheer for themselves and their accomplishments to their deafening silence when it came to protecting the rights of the unborn (the future women & men of the world if given the chance to live) but this is just ridiculous. First of all, I do not see the black face crime.

The only crime being committed here is a fashion crime. I happen to like fashion and this one needed to be pulled out of the shelves for this reason alone… Not racism.

There’s the call to ban red hats… What’s next? Black shirts? White shirts?

Is it going to be racist to even be caught playing with snow?

R I D I C U L O U S!

[Image: Gucci]