The Green New Doll & David’s Tent

We are seeing the push for the “green new deal” with celebs trying their hardest to enjoy some servings of bugs and worldwide famine that’s being created due to the prohibition of certain fertilizers and land grab in Europe, but who wants to keep talking about these things? While we’re awaiting and hoping for the rapture to take place, we have no clue how far we have to be subjected to the world’s shift towards this green new deal.

The green yarn has been sitting around for quite some time since I had no idea what to do with it. By the end of yesterday, I asked my daughter to sketch a doll for me. This is the first one she designed and colorblocking worked out for an otherwise plain green color scheme.


David’s Tent

A week-long event of praise and evangelism is happening in downtown Salem. This was taken on Friday night.

It’s close to 100 degrees out right now so if you live around the area and plan on taking part of the event, going early or after sundown is best.

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