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This research from Barna Group shows us the scope of the hit on the body of Christ that this planned-demic has partially achieved. This decline is solid proof of the veracity of Bible Prophecy. Hopefully, some of those who are leaving the ministry do not end up completely apostatizing.

They went out from us, but they were not really of us; for if they had been of us, they would have remained with us; but they went out, so that it would be evident that they all are not of us.”

1 John 2:19

Pastors who promote the hocus poke are getting their congregation to participate in abominable practices. Ignorance of what’s in the poke is one thing. It’s another when people find out what’s in it and still willingly break their convictions. That’s compromise.

The company wants decades upon decades to release their data because they want to make sure everyone is already six feet under without knowing the truth.

There are many big name pastors who promote this big money scheme and they would be the humongous trees that look to be secure in the faith and are pulled up by the roots, along with the pastors and professing Christians who are promoting the woke agenda.

Do not be deceived by those who look lively, but will compromise God’s Word.


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