Pears & Visitors Today

The weather has been brutal lately so I was hoping the temperature was cooler outside. I was intent on taking a picture of the sunflower with the bumblebee.

The sun barely came out today.

The little visitor usually comes early in the morning. I have no idea if this is the same bird that comes by every day.

I was happy to see that this bird decided to visit when I was already outside. Sometimes, when the visitor stops by, I usually have to run inside to grab my camera.

This is the pear tree by the parking lot. I decided to take on another project and it seems I find myself less and less here. It’s usually around Summer and Fall that I do my disappearing act. I am still over at JohnThreeXVI.

Besides hearing more and more news about woke pastors,

“Now learn this lesson from the fig tree: As soon as its branches become tender and sprout leaves, you know that summer is near.

Matthew 24:32

These pastors supporting the woke agenda have always been woke (blind). The only difference is that as time progressed, we are now being ushered in the age of wolves (2 Timothy 4:3, Jude 1:3-4). They no longer need to put on costumes. We know who they are and our best course of action is to stay away from them.

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