Stop Child Abuse

From afar, you’d think, what’s up with the Blue tree?

This number does not reflect all the children being abused nationwide and worldwide as they are coaxed to embrace the gender dysphoria ideology.

This is where the real child abuse lies.

I applaud their raising awareness of Child Abuse. As a child, I experienced child abuse through the hand of a hired help. Child abuse is happening at the border in real time when unaccompanied minors are being used to achieve a sinister agenda by opportunists as they play with our emotions.

Every blue state sure is rich with colorful celebrations.

“Therefore whatever they tell you to observe, that observe and do, but do not do according to their works; for they say, and do not do.”

Matthew 23:3

Real Child abuse is being dressed up as society’s new normal.


9 thoughts on “Stop Child Abuse

  1. I am extremely leery of everyone that is around our special needs kids! I know this sounds bad but I don’t trust anyone.


    1. Did you know that we have to get legal guardianship of our two special-needs boys since they turned 18. We have no right to make any calls on them unless we have guardianship… Is that not ONE of the craziest thing? The past 18 years I’ve dedicated my life to them because I have wanted to and now I have to get legal guardianship of them. They can’t make decisions on their own…

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    2. That’s something. It is crazy they want to take control of the children. How about the gene therapy? They want to be able to make the call on that too.

      The craziest thing is strangers who don’t care about your kids make the decisions for you!

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  2. Exactly! Caeli, I can’t thank the Good Lord enough for allowing me to know His ABSOLUTE TRUTH for us!!! It brings me to tears when I think about how lost I was in this world and it’s junk! How refreshing to look at His creation so we are constantly reminded of the good He has created for us-a constant reminder ❤️🙏🏻🙌

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    1. I also feel like we are having to buy our children back from the state 💔 Fortunately we have had the same dr and school system so they will let us make the calls that the boys are not capable of but if some one wanted to get nasty… 😞


    2. I hope it stays that way Elizabeth, for you and for all who fear God and their families. May the LORD spare us from that if it be according to His will. Our lot as Christians is to suffer for His sake, but He will strengthen us…

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