On Skin & Sin

Showing too much skin causes people to sin. We call the sin lust. Lust unchecked can lead to adultery and even murder. We know about the story of David and Bathsheba all too well.

Touting one’s skin color’s superiority over another is sin. It is called pride, deeming oneself to be better than another, be it Black pride or White pride. This “pride” manifests into hate and hatred is a sin that leads to murder.

This is clearly a black and white issue. When I mean black and white, there’s no such thing as being in a neutral position when it comes to injustice. What’s wrong is wrong and what’s right is right. What is important is that we have all the facts straight. We cannot claim to fight for a righteous cause while at the same time ignoring the cause of law enforcement being invoked. People do wrong things and justice is demanded. No person had to die but the bible is clear that some sins lead to death (adultery- there’s the possibility of crime of passion (Proverbs 6:28-35) and hatred that leads to murder (Cain and Abel in Genesis 4:1-8).

Each person has had an experience of grievance done to them by someone of another race. It could just be as small as a petty comment misunderstood or a blatant act of hatred based on ignorance.

It is clear that this country is being divided because of politics. Some people want to remove religion out of politics, but a person’s religious beliefs govern their political leanings. Politics and Religion are interconnected whether we acknowledge it or not. There was a time when people rejected God as their King (1 Samuel 8). It was when people chose to govern their lives apart from God. As always, when we leave God out of our lives, sin becomes rampant.

It is not a skin/skin color issue. It has always been the SIN issue. This disease is the greatest pandemic known to man and there is only one antidote, Jesus Christ.

“For the wages of sin is death, but the gift of God is eternal life in Christ Jesus our Lord.”

Romans 6:23

3 thoughts on “On Skin & Sin

  1. Malicious exposure of the skin is sinful. A normal person most especially to a woman doesn’t expose any special part of her body.


    1. There are pronounced woes on those who become a stumbling block especially to believers. All of us have to give an account.


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