Choose Life

There was once a time when I believed the same things most people believe on abortion. It was legal, therefore there was nothing wrong with it. I was presented with the decision after an acquaintance told me I was too young to have a son at age 22 and suggested that I get an abortion, but I had recently given my life to the Lord when this happened. Changing my mind on abortion required a heart transplant- a spiritual heart transplant. This spiritual heart transplant was so drastic I saved even the last diaper from the last package I bought for both my son and my daughter.

My son’s unused diaper and his ultrasound picture. This diaper is older than my 10 year old daughter!

My husband and my son both share a similar story while they were in the womb. My husband’s mother knew someone who did witchcraft on her in order to terminate the pregnancy. Had they both been aborted, I don’t know what my life would look like right now except that I would have an entirely different family. God had a plan for both of them and it was tied to mine.

I know what abortion feels like. I also know what miscarriage feels like. I experienced both. My miscarriage happened months after getting married. I already had a name in mind, but the name I had was not meant for the baby whom I never got to see. I remember that day. My son, who was only five at the time, mourned for the loss of a baby when I told him the news. I ended up giving my daughter that name.

My daughter’s ultrasound picture and her last unused diaper. This diaper is about seven years old.

If you happen to be one who is contemplating abortion, the life which you are about to put an end to is God’s vessel of joy in your life. If you can’t keep the baby, there are others who long for a baby in their arms.

Do you support gun control for the very reason of saving lives? Then it is inconsistent for you to support abortion rights. You would not be here today fighting for abortion or gun control if you had been aborted. The only thing that prevents people from ever killing people is a new spiritual heart (2 Corinthians 5:17). My hope is that you would choose the heart that values life- that of the born and the unborn.

7 thoughts on “Choose Life

  1. Being adopted at 3 months old, this topic is very dear to me because I could have been one of the statistics that was never born………I’m grateful unto God that He had a plan for the narrative of my life! “send me Lord, I’ll go. Whatever You want me to say, I’ll say it! My life is not my own..

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    1. Yes. God indeed has a plan for you and for everyone who is humble to ask Him. A surrendered life is the pathway to the abundant life. Thank you for sharing Brother Anthony!

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