No Shame In The Name

Don’t let the black bird eat your faith away (Matthew 13:4)

The devil can dangle your past sins
But God’s mercy and forgiveness wins
The accuser of the brethren
Can only try and threaten

What he doesn’t understand
Is that I am in God’s mighty hand
There’s no more shame
When I am covered by The Name

Can you say the same?
When everything seems like a game?
Maybe it’s high time
To own up to our crime

As you look into the mirror
It’s hard to hide that furor
Please don’t forget to remember
It’s never too late to surrender

Only when you’re covered by The Name
Will you never experience shame
Oh that sweet forgiveness!
Freely given to a faithful witness!

The devil is a liar!
Watch out for his friar!
They call it ‘Absolution’
To blot out your transgression

Salvation is only by grace
This is the truth we all must face
There’s no more guilt and shame
When we are covered by The Name

“It is I who sweep away your transgressions for My own sake and remember your sins no more.”

Isaiah 43:25

If you have time, please check out the verse attached to each stanza.

8 thoughts on “No Shame In The Name

  1. “Don’t let the black bird eat your faith away (Matthew 13:4)”

    He [the bird/Satan] eats the seed [the seed being God’s Word which gives one saving faith], a parallel to that is found in Genesis 3, where Satan questioned God’s Word and took Eve’s faith in God away. Just like you said with the black bird taking one’s faith away, he does it by taking your trust in God’s Word. Anyone found doing that you know full well who is behind that person.

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    1. Dee, I really appreciate having you to talk about end time events. Thank you for that! All believers may differ in opinion on some things, but I know you are vigilant and looking forward to Christ’s return and that is something we share.

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