The Story Of A Flower

Today was planting day. I soaked seeds I harvested last fall from this flower (and others) in water since the 26th. About 98% sprouted. I spent most of my morning planting. I wanted to skip turning the kitchen door area into a little nursery this year and I am hoping the slugs and squirrels will not eat them all. I planted a lot so that should the pests attack, I would still have some left.

This little seedling was that same flower you see on top. I enjoy tracking my plants’ growth. As this was growing, almost to flowering stage, it was nibbled on quite badly by some creature at the very middle of the stalk. It only had about 1/8 inch of plant tissue left where it was nibbled, so I had to tie it up with some fabric to a support hoping it would recover and guess what? It grew to be the tallest out of everything I planted last year. It yielded the most seeds! I almost considered this one a lost cause, but when you see something broken but not completely severed, it is salvageable! Whenever I see some of my sunflowers looking almost dead (I transplanted one and for 2 weeks it looked so droopy and wilted, but it recovered though it was stunted), given proper care and attention, they end up producing beautiful flowers and more seeds to plant for the next season.

Don’t ever give up on something even when it looks hopeless.

So neither the one who plants nor the one who waters is anything, but only God, who makes things grow. The one who plants and the one who waters have one purpose, and they will each be rewarded according to their own labor.” 

1 Corinthians 3:7-8

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