5 thoughts on “Good Grief, Literally

    1. Amen sis! There’s the dishwasher but I’m a hands-on kinda gal. The last time I used it, it leaked all over the kitchen floor so I refuse to use it. ใƒ…

      Dunno if the dishwasher had that problem prior to our moving here.

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    2. Lol! I am the same way!!!
      Once upon a time when our 3 oldest were still home (that would make 9 of us) I thought we need a dishwasher!
      So we get one…well living in the country – literally in the middle of a field- makes for a nice warm place for little critters! One got in the motor and well that was that!
      My husband said we could get another. I said no Iโ€™d rather do them on my own anyway! You have to practically wash them before they went into the washer anyway!!! ๐Ÿ˜›

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    3. Wow! That’s 9 plates, 9 spoons, 9 forks, 9 knives, 9 glasses and or cups, not including the pots and pans with lids, the serving plate(s), the food prep utensils etc. All that, times 3 times a day on weekends and not including family gathering days with guests! That is insane! Hehe, an earthly torment that will remain for as long as we live!

      “You have to practically wash them before they went into the washer anyway!!!”

      Yes!!! I honestly find no purpose for it. We actually end up using double the water when we have to rinse and scrub to remove the food particles (which sometimes still end up being on the plate if we just stuff it straight into the thing). The dish is already halfway clean when you do this so stuffing it in there to get soaped and rinsed becomes quite pointless to me. Lol.

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