A Naturalized Citizen’s Perspective On Ilhan Omar

It baffles me why one freshman congresswoman is generating so much buzz and monopolizing almost every headline. The sad thing about it is the blatant avoidance of those who claim to be objective to denounce her bigotry and clear hatred for God’s chosen people, not to mention, covering the severity of the issue by way of deflection- talking about Obama which happens to be more sad because it seems more people in her party are triggered by this than her actual bigotry.

This woman who now is in the legislative branch of the most powerful and charitable country in the world moved here in 1995 as a refugee. My family immigrated to the US just a year before she did going through years of the legal process of immigration and not benefiting from the more expedient refugee status her family did. My indignation stems from the fact that this woman rose to a position where she thinks she can get away putting the very country that gave her family refuge in such a bad light.

I don’t have the shameless audacity to condemn a country that has helped my family and countless of other immigrant families’ lives for the better and it continues to be a sanctuary to this day where people from other countries willfully break the law just to get here! If this place was really as bad as people would have you think, why do people want to move here? There is a sorry agenda to paint this country evil compared to countries whose regimes continue to murder people mercilessly. Imagine… she escaped a war-torn country bringing with her a warped ideology that given time will turn this country to the one she fled from.

Political correctness is this country’s undoing and it won’t be long that this place would just be as bad as regimes where freedom is only a figment of one’s imagination. Even though America has become the leading promoter of depravity via Hollywood and the newly barbaric laws regarding late term abortion, it still does not compare to China’s One-Child policy, not to mention their culture favoring sons over daughters (this also includes India) which caused countless abortions centuries and decades over. People tend to forget that just within the past century, America helped many from countries where people are fleeing for both political and religious reasons, Ilhan Omar included.

[Image: Time Magazine (tweaked)]

2 thoughts on “¡Ingrata!

  1. Great comment! Thank you for simply telling the truth.
    I say let her keep talking…she’s embarrassing her own party, and making them look bad, while at the same time exposing the truth about herself, and them. We may not like her or what she’s saying, but we must realize you can’t change people. She’s gonna be what she’s gonna be…eventually it will be her undoing.

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    1. Hello! I truly appreciate the comment. I agree. We can’t change people but we can try to reason with some. The whole thing with her can be likened to someone who took in and welcomed a stranger into their house with open arms and now the stranger wants to change everything in the benefactor’s house.

      Her utterances could be her undoing but she is armed with four cards she can use as leverage in a platform that runs on identity politics – being a person of color, being Muslim, being a woman and lastly, being a victim. To the politically correct, that puts her in an “untouchable” position which we can already see with the anti-hate resolution refusing to call her out particularly and some of her party members coming to her defense.

      The pessimistic tone on my last paragraph is resigned to the fact that we live in a climate succumbing to political correctness. On a biblical note, their platform happens to be compliant to that of the coming antichrist (Rev. 13) which will run on big government. This cannot occur until the freedoms afforded in our constitution are being done away with which is what we see increasingly happening.

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