Sunday Funday

At quick glance, you’d think the dog was driving the car. It’s silly because we know dogs can’t drive cars. Not so in the spiritual.

A seeker goes about taking in as much insight from all over the place. It is valid to think we can learn a lot hearing every point of view and philosophy known to man.

As you try to get to know someone, can you learn about that person getting information from somebody who has no relationship whatsoever with the one you are trying to get to know- who only spews out hateful things of what they do not know with certainty? Or, would you take into account the view of someone who actually has an ongoing relationship and knows the person intimately?

Normally, we’d all take the account of the second one mentioned. Some even take both accounts into consideration, but absolutely no one can say they know someone plainly from hearsay. You’d think they’re nuts! Sadly, the first one mentioned happens to be more relatable to the human propensity. Another thing to note – How can one possibly trust someone who asserts to be resigned to life’s uncertainties and yet be so certain about something (i.e. the non-existence of God)? I suppose this kind of contradiction is negligible for some. There’s no struggle involved when you basically just push something aside. It IS the easy way out.

When you choose to let dogs drive your car, don’t be surprised if you end up miserable at the dog pound.

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