Your Choice, Your Consequence

For a time, we eat what is being fed to us until we are old enough to choose.

“But when I speak with you, I will open your mouth, and you shall say to them, ‘Thus says the Lord God.’ He who hears, let him hear; and he who refuses, let him refuse; for they are a rebellious house.”

Ezekiel 3:27

He who hears, let him hear; and he who refuses, let him refuse…


Those are the same words affirmed by Jesus throughout the New Testament. When someone convinces you, it is not coercion. It is concession. Legitimate conversion can only take place when one acknowledges the truth which gives birth to genuine transformation.

As we live in the time of ever increasing knowledge (Daniel 12:4), some are being misinformed and led to believe that Christianity will coerce people to convert or risk being killed in the end times; This here is what we call fake news. Those who live by the Book know that doing so is against Scripture. If you read the book of Revelation for yourself, you will know right away that it is just the complete opposite.

When a person claims to be progressive, by all means, don’t be selectively progressive. Move on from the past and stop trying to use the same Dark Ages (or any other time before you were even born) scenario to cover up reality.

Reality is, Christianity IS the bulwark of freedom.

He who hears, let him hear; and he who refuses, let him refuse – This is strongly indicative of choice, unless we live in a 1984 kind of world where everything is backwards. You decide.

[Image: Peter Oak via dailymail]

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