The Book Of Judges…

It has only been less than a year since Judge Roy Moore and we see the same scenario play over and over with Judge Brett Kavanaugh. I was initially going to just reblog an old post, Presumption Of Innocence about the same thing but changed my mind.

It is quite tiring to see the same tactic used repeatedly and predictably so with the Midterms fast approaching and this should bring every God-fearing person to righteous indignation to witness what is transpiring.

What gets me so indignant is when I think about the women of Hollywood taking a stand and so sure of convicting someone when most of us know “Quid pro quo” is standard in Hollywood. Most Christians know what it entails for one to get to soaring heights on the world stage and that includes having a deal with the devil himself (Matthew 4:8-10). Are we truly to listen to those who are willing to do anything to get where they are?

This “Me Too” movement is nothing about Women’s rights. Whatever “good intention” it had has long been replaced with nasty politics and an agenda simply to destroy the lives of those who hold to opposing views. What we are witnessing is a totalitarian tactic at work from the real obstructionists who happen to call themselves “progressives” but really more like regressive in the flesh. It is even disheartening to see women in the senate who are so power-hungry they will say anything without regard for the lives of the little girls they are destroying in the process.

In my opinion, all the delay and run-around is a strong indicator of a baseless claim. A sure and clear conscience would demand that the truth be known without further delay.

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4 thoughts on “The Book Of Judges…

  1. Kavanaugh said in an interview where he was sitting with his wife, that he remained a virgin until about the end if Highschool. Interesting…because if true, it should be easy to defend himself….this #meetoo movement, which I pronounce (Pound Me Too) lol, is getting ridiculously stupid….but apprently to liberals and leftists and Democrats, they don’t see it or want to see it…and that is the real problem! We got to get out there and vote.

    The Bible says “the whole world is under the sway of the devil” and this seemsmore true today than ever….that is the inly valid explanation for such silly deception actually convincing anyone…

    There is a movie coming out called: The Trump Prophecies, which claims the Firefighter (prophet) says God showed him that Trump will win again in 2020 and all these accusations an attempts to impeach him will fail….I believe him and he seems credible….however…that will not stop me from Voting Trump nor should it stop anyone, as that may be how God accomplishes it….using us.

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    1. “We got to get out there and vote.”

      Yup. It will truly be a fight. I mean, if the Dems don’t get their way fairly, there’s always dead voters and who knows what else.

      Have not heard of “The Trump Prophechies.” Will look into it. Some people have the wrong thought that their “one” vote won’t count in a blue state but nothing is impossible. Some blues turned red in the last election.

      Good to hear from you Shrek!

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