The Reason

While going to pick up my husband from work almost two weeks ago, someone rear-ended me. I was fully stopped waiting for the car on the opposite side of the road to pass so I could turn left. Suddenly, it felt like a huge boulder hit the back of the car. It sent shock waves right through my brain. For a few days I woke up with a slight headache but by God’s grace, I am still here.

The road where the incident occurred had an accident ahead (probably about a block away) so there were cones in place and police car lights flashing. I managed to make the left turn slowly and so did the driver behind me. As I got out of the car, he admitted the activity ahead distracted him. As the necessary process of exchanging information after an accident took place, the man suddenly asked my husband what church it is we currently attend. My husband was not expecting the question and then he told us he happens to be a missionary. I told him how fitting it was that that same day, God gave me a verse from Lamentations. After knowing he was a brother in Christ, all three of us joined together as he led the prayer.

Before my family moved to Oregon, I sold my car so we were left with my husband’s, and now, it just took a heavy blow. The insurance assessor considered it “totaled” because the other car was lower to the ground and although the cosmetic damage did not look too bad, it was in worse condition than it appeared. Most of the damage was under the car as what my husband was told.

We surrendered the car to the man’s insurance company a week later. I had to take pictures of my kids with it minutes before the tow truck came to take it away for good. As it got towed away, we got hit with an air of sadness. That was the last of FL we had and a lot of our memories were in that car. It was bought just days before my husband and I got married and the same one that brought my daughter home days after she was born. She literally grew up in that thing.

Yesterday, we received a Certified mail from Toyota which required a signature to ensure the recipient really got it. Here’s what was on it…

The man hit me from the back. If it were a collision from the front, who knows what could have really happened had the airbag deployed, perhaps Sayonara for me? but only God knows. This was the first time we ever got a letter from Toyota since we owned it that was so urgent it had to be signed for.

My husband and I were wondering why God allowed the only car we owned to be hit. Now we know without a shadow of a doubt it was time to get rid of it without being on the losing end. That car had been so reliable it never had problems that we were intending on keeping it as my car until it died should my husband decide to get another one. The insurance gave my husband the choice to keep it with a salvage title or surrender it. Had we kept it, there still would have been enough money to cover the cost of another car free and clear. We got a replacement days before getting the letter. It was basically like a swap except what we now have, has three thousand miles less than the one we surrendered.

Most people would rule this out as plain coincidence but as a Christian, there is only God’s sovereignty and no such thing as coincidence.

If you think God doesn’t care for you, He does. He watches over you and although things look messed up in our perspective, He allows it because He has something good waiting for you.

“And we know that all things work together for good to those who love God, to those who are the called according to His purpose.”

Romans 8:28


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