Superior Than God?

¨If God is good, why does He allow evil?¨

Simple question but without being answered could turn one into an apostate. There will never be a perfect, well thought answer to this especially if someone asks you at a time you least expect but worry not. All one needs is a firm grip on God’s character as revealed in His Word, the openness to tell people about what God has done in your life and a willing spirit to be His mouthpiece (Proverbs 16:1, Exodus 4:12, Matthew 10:20). Conviction can happen at any time and what a glorious moment it is when God allows you to partake in leading someone to His kingdom.

The question is a profound one and asked during trying times but starts with a lofty assumption that God is not all good.

An imperative and introspective follow-up, if not, what we must first ask ourselves before dwelling on the one at the top should be “Does my righteousness exceed that of God´s?”

Another thing is, if someone tries to invalidate the need to be ethical/moral/righteous since the person claims there is no God, surely, that person will never truly fathom what hope is because hope stems from the faith that something good will happen and change an extreme circumstance for the better (I’m not talking about the surface expression of hope that we use in our sentences casually).

What is God like? He IS good – ALWAYS. Without God, there is no standard for good (Mark 10:18) and there is no true hope but only a semblance.

Speaking of living life without (regard for) God, it brings me to a silent epidemic plaguing Belgium with Euthanasia at will (video link – almost an hour long but interesting and eye-opening) for anyone who claims to have no desire to live anymore even though one is physically healthy. Though deemed a mercy death which “honors” the wish of the individual, in this particular scenario, it is a sad presentation of life devoid of hope.

With God, there is always hope.