A Creative Moment

I know I am overdoing it with the flowers (since my recent posts have nothing but flowers in them)… Just bear with me okay?

“Then God said, “Let Us make man in Our image, according to Our likeness…”

Genesis 1:26a

And some people say they need evidence… It is there. You just need to toss years of high-sounding indoctrination and you will surely find it. Don’t take offense. I don’t take offense when someone calls me brainwashed when they know I believe in God.

It is not lofty to think that we can create things with our hands because we came from a Creator who fashioned us to be creators- according to God’s likeness in this aspect.

I don’t need to trek the highest mountains and go to the remotest of places for inspiration. I can get inspired by backyard flowers and some cheery bright-colored frocks. Been busy creating this Summer. I had some fabric stash from over 10 years ago (I’m not kidding- the Fuchsia one) and grabbed a transitional orange (in actuality, it is not as bright as pictured) crepe value fabric from Walmart.

I literally had to deconstruct a dress to extract a somewhat exact pattern. I did sew it back. My version has a minute variation with a more structured and folded ruffle collar rather than the original gathered ruffle (pictured here).

Value fabric from Walmart with contrast stitches inside

This is not about me… but God who created me

These flowers are something God created which inspire since the beginning of time. We take inspiration from its beauty and all of its colors, shape, etc.

I am created by a Creator to create…

… and so is everyone else on this planet- yes, even those who refuse to acknowledge it.


3 thoughts on “A Creative Moment

    1. Thank you! and that is good to know that you will never get tired of flowers sis 🙂 As women, our fondness for it is built into our system and frankly, it is amazing to see vibrant colors pop from the ground. I added that bit in my post in consideration to those who do subscribe to/read my blog from the other gender.

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