Stress For Substance

Whether we like it or not, our social media presence (the only account I have is WP) has become a gauge on how active we are in our day to day life. My inactivity has not been caused by severe depression or something traumatic though I could think of a number of things to be depressed about. The forest fire in the state where I reside has given us a glimpse of ashen skies and a somewhat apocalyptic vibe of reddish sun rays for days. I haven’t gotten the inspiration to write substantial things mainly because I do feel stressed by substantial things such as the beginning of a homeschool year. Oh that I could make Summer start over but I am conflicted because the apartment does not have central AC and I have trouble sleeping in humid conditions and at the same time, I love the coat-worthy weather except fall in the northwest (I am now finding out) is accompanied with constant gray skies and rain, a recipe for weather-induced depression (and no I am not making this up). So where do I stand? This is where my confusion lies.

Nice and dry
After the rain

I looked out the glass door early this morning and thought some creature nibbled on the precious plant I have been waiting close to five months to bloom. Ironically, it is dubbed the “Everlasting” flower and I can see why because it literally took forever to bud, though this is not the reason why it’s called that. It is the only remaining flower I planted to not have matured. So I went to check the plant out and discovered I was wrong in my assumption about creatures eating the bloom. I learned a fun fact and it was that the Everlasting flower actually closes when it rains. Somebody already knows this but I honestly didn’t. This insignificant discovery was something I learned from witnessing it firsthand this morning. I looked into my theory and found it to be the case. It’s always easy to learn something in school or elsewhere in theory and forget it, but I find that personal discoveries are the type of learning that sticks to you for life. There’s definitely something euphoric about learning things on your own. I know I don’t know everything but it gives such great pleasure to learn things without being in school and I am way past school age (37) but learning is not confined to a learning institution and this is where I find myself in agreement with some philosopher who said if one thought that school is the only place where you learn things, it is indeed a sad day for that person. Of course it was written more succinctly than I’ve conveyed here but it’s pretty much the gist of it.

I am not against educational institutions. However, I am deeply moved by what I saw last night about preschoolers being socially engineered to be accepting of trangenderism. I remember when I was pregnant for the second time, I longed to have a daughter. Why? Because I already had a son. I wanted to know what it was like to have a daughter. I couldn’t forget when the doctor asked me during the ultrasound what I wanted my child to be and as a joke, he said, “Don’t worry. If it ends up being a boy, I’ll just chop it off.” My instinctive response was, “That would be an abomination.

It saddens me how mothers and fathers alike, wish to have a child in a specific gender and when we do, outsiders work to undermine and subvert their gender identity with early indoctrination. Children are not born in this world with every inclination to choose to live a homosexual lifestyle. Each person is born with their God-ordained reproductive identity with the design and purpose of the continuity of mankind. While the homosexual agenda is cyclical (it was prevalent in Noah and Lot’s time, Corinthians etc.), the agenda has gained momentum in the speed of light in this century because of the previous administration’s policies. This was Obama’s legacy and in the eyes of God, it IS an abomination. One will vehemently argue this. People can live their lives the way they want but I don’t want their choices to be enforced on my child who rightly needs her innocence about sexual preference until she reaches the age of reason. No child should have to be subjected to make adult choices. Why do some people think it is okay to rob children out of their childhood?

This is a shout out to all the homeschooling mothers out there who may be feeling inadequate and stressed on the important task of ensuring the children are learning real substance, not social engineering. You are NOT alone.

Train up a child in the way he should go,
And when he is old he will not depart from it.

Proverbs 22:6

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