The Thought Police

Justice only goes one way according to the ANTIFA

As much as I would like this post to be light and cheery, I cannot help but express this burning indignation from the hypocrisy that is pervading our society; people devoid of absolute standard schooling people who want to ensure the preservation of what made this country great. And if you happen to be a professing Christian and jumping in the bandwagon of resistance, strip off the title that does not rightly describe who you are because condoning lawlessness in the guise of social justice is definitely NOT light and is the very antithesis of Christianity. Even Jesus subjected Himself to the authorities. Yes, Christianity is all about loving people but not at the cost of going against the truth. It is accepting and confronting the truth that catalyzes change within, not denial.

The tactic of silencing and shaming the opposition by invoking the victim card of racism, bigotry, Xenophobia etc. is executing #19, 20, 30 and 42 on a naked communist’s agenda. This is not far fetched because the manifesto for communism is basically the same for socialism (the more “socially” accepted sister), all stemming from man’s ideology of a perfect government which we see time and time again to be the opposite of what it claims to be. The irony is that the ANTIFA, the indoctrinated young generation (yes, they tried it with all of us) with the socialist ideology are the real fascists and get away with their own hatred and bigotry! The ANTIFA is the embodiment of the “Thought Police”. The sad part is that the progressives sympathize with geopolitical Islam who holds to the very ideals and laws they are purportedly fighting against!

Christians need to understand that our faith demands us to employ and put to good use our God-given faculty of discernment. Our faith does not demand passivity when it comes to government. Passivity only gives way to lawlessness and barbaric ideologies and we can look at Europe as a case study. Forget about the utopia that most people are being led to believe that is existing there. Look into testimonies from real people whose views are being suppressed. When Christians refuse to stand their ground, we only have the dreadful expectation of losing our freedoms.

What our faith demands is that we SPEAK THE TRUTH. Call out the real injustice that is taking place which is the marginalization of those who want to effect real change. Where is the outcry and condemnation of Christian genocide in all parts of the globe? We cannot expect this from the establishments that seek to push their lawless agenda/narrative. May we all find the courage to speak boldly while our rights are being stripped from us by those who do not know their right from their left.

“For you were once darkness, but now you are light in the Lord. Live as children of light (for the fruit of the light consists in all goodness, righteousness and truth) and find out what pleases the Lord. Have nothing to do with the fruitless deeds of darkness, but rather expose them. It is shameful even to mention what the disobedient do in secret. But everything exposed by the light becomes visible—and everything that is illuminated becomes a light.”

Ephesians 5:8-13


18 thoughts on “The Thought Police

  1. I will show you in scripture a picture of the liberals protecting Islam and what would be the outcome of that relationship. See below

    Revelation 17:3,16
    3 So he carried me away in the Spirit to a desert. I saw a woman sitting on a scarlet beast that was covered with blasphemous names and had seven heads and 10 horns.
    16 The 10 horns you saw, and the beast, will hate the prostitute. They will make her desolate and naked, devour her flesh, and burn her up with fire.

    Here we have an alliance of two evils, one greater than the other. Now with liberals and Islam, at the end of their relationship, we know that divorce between those two is inevitable because we know that the Qur’an is against homosexuality, free speech and so on. Once Christianity is out of the way just like the beast torn to pieces the woman, in the same way, Islam will devour the liberals because it has no more use for them.

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    1. “Once Christianity is out of the way just like the beast torn to pieces the woman, in the same way, Islam will devour the liberals because it has no more use for them.”

      Amen and thank you for the insight.

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    1. I think your ancestors wherever they came from would know the very answer to your question.

      Sad to see the newly naturalized citizens of the USA like Fabio get it more than those who were born in the US and have taken things for granted and toss it for evil disguised as social justice.

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    2. Even if I told you, you will find a way to disregard my answer like all the other times. I value you as a person (this is the reason why I don’t block you) but I also know what you are about.

      If you actually read instead of comment with an ulterior motive, maybe you will figure it out.

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    3. @Jamie, This country (The United States Of America) is great because we have the freedom to practice any religion without being persecuted. To have the opportunity to make something of our lives by going to the top level without being hindered if one wishes. There’s no other country like it in the world. But one day another country will be exalted above all others because of the One reigning in it, Jesus Christ the King of the world ruling in Jerusalem.

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    4. Then don’t they have freedom too? All of them? The freedom to chant racist slogans in the streets? The freedom to fight racism when it’s chanted in the streets? The freedom to worship as they wish? The freedom to not worship as they wish? The freedom to shout “Fire!” in a crowded theater that results in a stampede where dozens are injured and killed? The freedom to not have to hear people chant terrible things about you in the streets while you’re enjoying a walk on a nice sunny day?


    5. You should check out the link I included in the post, the grand scheme of things…

      “Then don’t they have freedom too?”

      We are all supposed to be free but our freedom should not become a license for evil – justifying murder and wrongdoing and completely quashing dissenting opinions. That is what fascism is and that is what the ANTIFA IS doing and that is what Islam’s Sharia is doing.

      It is clearly a one sided condemnation. Racism IS evil and ironically I experienced this from those who are very vocal about it. Also, the Muslims ARE anti-Semites, what does that equate to? Racism… and have strict ordinances on who they allow into their country. You can check it out here.

      How come no one dares to call them bigots? Because people are scared of their blasphemy law which they impose even on those who do not believe. Another interesting read here about Muslim ties to Hitler.

      Jesus condemned hypocrisy repeatedly. I’m sure even the hypocrites would hate hypocrisy if they only bothered to look in the mirror.

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    6. I just read up about Antifa – their position is that it would have been a lot easier to stop Hitler when he had just fifty-four followers. Their goal is to fight fascism – and the racism that goes hand-in-hand with it. It sounds like an admirable goal to expose this evil and combat it.


    7. The alternative is the white supremacists – who themselves aren’t known for their non-violence. Admittedly, I prefer Martin Luther King, Jr.’s approach, but even though he toppled segregation in his time, his beliefs couldn’t stem the tide of hatred that exists to this day.


    8. ANY form of racism IS sin whichever race it comes from and worthy of condemnation. However, there is no justification for reverse racism which seemed to be the highlighted agenda during the Obama administration.

      I’ve been around long enough to see that it was not so during the Bush and Clinton administration. The propaganda is so bad I see even white people disavowing their own race and it is mindboggling in favor of black and “brown” people… so those who aren’t from those races, do their lives not matter? Black people have not had it good in American history but it does not give them a free pass to be racists because of what happened then. I find most of those who carry the placards to be the worse of hypocrites.

      Hypocrisy IS a greater evil, appearing to champion a cause to root out hatred when it is obvious they themselves are fueled by hatred. I have seen a girl who wanted to be remembered as a Black Lives Matter heroine, Korryn Gaines. It is proof of indoctrination.

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    9. I have a biracial cousin and I’ve seen how hard his life has been – people automatically assuming the worst of him. He was constantly picked on but he couldn’t fit back or else he’s be kicked out as the instigator. Nobody gave him a fair shake. Racism is still a problem to this day – what was the statistic? 125 new hate groups have formed in the time that our president have been in office? Like never before hate marches in our streets – but they meet their opposition in Antifa. Originally, Antifa was the Anti-racism association – and whenever hate groups put up racist propaganda posters, Antifa goes right behind them, tears them down, and puts up anti-racist posters. Fascism is the same type of government that Hitler had, and Mussolini as well, it goes hand in hand with racism.
      Jesus message was to love your neighbor and to love your enemy. But I don’t think even Jesus would have been a conscientious objector and allowed the racists to go unchallenged, to not challenge them is to let their evil spread. That’s why they still exist. People were just silent and nobody told them that hate is wrong. At least, when Christians speak up, they can offer some moral guidance – a ‘check and balance’ to what’s going on. But when Christians choose neither side, they embolden racists and condone violence that they could have otherwise prevented.


    10. “Jesus message was to love your neighbor and to love your enemy. But I don’t think even Jesus would have been a conscientious objector and allowed the racists to go unchallenged, to not challenge them is to let their evil spread.”

      Indeed, that was Jesus’ message and thanks for stating the obvious coming from God in the flesh who is the embodiment of righteousness. However, I do find your thoughts on the matter to be invalid since you believe that God has abandoned you. Let me set this straight- God does not abandon people. People leave God to do what they think is right. If you changed your position on this matter, then maybe I’ll find your thoughts valid.

      My problem with the whole ANTIFA thing is that they “appear” to be on the benevolent side clearly employing hateful and lawless tactics which totally defeats the purpose and to believe they are on the good side is nothing but sheer delusion when their actions speak louder than their love and peace rhetoric. It is tiring and frankly, it is tiring to hear it from you.

      “But when Christians choose neither side, they embolden racists and condone violence that they could have otherwise prevented.”

      The blame is always on the Christians isn’t it? Easy to give people without an absolute standard a free pass since they act according to what they think is right. There’s no point in reasoning with a person who thinks morality is relative.


    11. The white nationalists are – by and large – Christians, too. And yes, they do get the blame.
      Then there are the non-racist Christians who have spent the last several decades plugging up their ears and humming loudly with their eyes closes so that they can pretend they don’t know about the white nationalists – like the KKK which has been around and going strong a whole lot longer than I’ve been alive.
      And I’m sure there are some Christians who are not white but militant about race issues – I met one in these last few days and I’m sure there are more.
      And there are non-Christians who wonder what Christians stand for in these troubled times, but choose to do what is right and just.
      Relative morality just means minor disagreements, the difference between a bored teenager stealing food and a hungry mother stealing food to feed her starving kids. Theft is wrong, but one kind is less wrong than the other.
      Even people with subjective morality can look at matters of racism, of violence, of anti-racism and follow their conscious on such things.


    12. Relative Morality is not JUST minor disagreement. It is tossing out Scripture altogether as a standard for morality. Anyone who DOES NOT abide by Scripture IS NOT A CHRISTIAN. I have to emphasize it with the hope that you will get it.

      And Jamie, I am extremely annoyed that you are not getting the truth that there are A LOT MORE “Christians by association” than there are real Christians. To keep believing people who are clearly driven by hatred like the KKK as legitimate Christians compared to the standard of what is actually biblical is just egregious.

      There is nothing I disdain more than being lectured by an apostate on what is right. Lining up what you are saying now and our previous exchanges, let me enumerate it to refresh your memory…

      1) You have an issue with God’s revealed gender.
      2) You don’t consider scripture to be authoritative
      3) You don’t think God is omniscient
      4) Your understanding of Scripture is telling you are devoid of the Holy Spirit (of course since you don’t think it is authoritative)
      5) God has abandoned you

      I hope other people will read my assessment here of where you stand in Christian matters so they could be aware your intent is to challenge their belief.

      I now totally understand why some people have completely ruled you out. I’m surprised I haven’t done so already. Actually, the shame is on me for allowing your comments.

      Take Care.

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