I grew up with this view for the first 13 years of my life. I haven’t visited in over 11 years but the sunset will always be waiting for me. I took this picture when I went to visit my grandmother. Little did I know that was going to be the last time I was going to see her. We were very close. My only regret was not being there during her final moments. I attended her funeral and that was the last time I went there.

It’s funny how my sister stood almost exactly where I stood when she took this picture. This was taken at a different time and tide, by over a decade! Clearly, my mother decided to put bars and more plants it seems. I especially like the opalescent display of the heavens, reminiscent of a fire opal. Opal happens to be my birthstone.

I used to go fishing almost every day. There used to be a bamboo bridge my neighbor put up and a gazebo right in the middle of the sea. I wonder if they still have it there. Probably not. The high tide usually slapped on the bridge at one point it was too dangerous to cross. One bad memory I had was seeing a sea snake twirl into a spiral going to the surface just to make its presence known then back into the sand. I don’t mind eels at all. I actually ate those, but sea snake is a different story. Ever wonder why most people don’t like snakes?

Dunno why I felt like writing about my past today. I suppose it’s a funny thing how my mind tries to divert my worry about the sunflowers I just transplanted yesterday. It is their first day battling the rain. I hope all of them would stay standing.

I hope you have a great weekend. I may sound a bit off but hopefully, this won’t last long, when the sun decides to come out. It’s true what they say. Too much gray triggers depression.


11 thoughts on “Reminiscence

  1. Usually Sunflowers are pretty hardily. Just have faith Sister. God will take care of the flowers. The pictures you took and posted really brought back memories of my time in Florida as a child. Though I’ve visited many times since then, I just wish I could go back there to live. Anywhere on the East Coast would be fine. It’s way too hot in Las Vegas, and a body of refreshing water is delightful in the heat. May God’s Son always shines on you! Blessings!

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    1. Thanks. I looked out the sliding door this morning and the first thing I saw besides the rain was a squirrel sprinting through where I planted them seriously. I see a couple significantly drooping but the rain seems to have stopped now and they’re still standing. Those things remind me of sunny FL and I honestly just found out today of the condition S.A.D. (a particular type of depression brought about by constant gray skies which affects people who move to the Portland area) Wasn’t aware of that but sometimes it hits my husband and I. It hits him harder as he had been a Floridian for 40 years! Almost his entire life.

      Move out of Vegas, lol. But moving is quite a hassle. We don’t live too far from the coast at least. Same to you bro, and enjoy your weekend.


    1. Amen to that. This whole planting experience is making the plant/Christian analogy come alive. I mean the frail seedling has to face the elements, heavy winds, rain, animals trampling on it. My attitude towards the young plants reminds me of how when one first gets saved, we are sort of sheltered until we get weaned from the spiritual high to face the storms of life, to test our spiritual roots so to speak.

      After the rain stopped, I went to check on it and one was already broken. Just a little bit over 24 hours and one casualty already. I did put a twig to help it stand. Dunno if it will survive though, it broke pretty close to the ground. I suppose that might have been ran over by the squirrel this morning.

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    2. Yeah. I sure hope so. Wonder how many of the original 19 will make it. Lol. Reminds me of that show “Survivor”. I hope I’ll end up with at least 15.

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    1. May He bless you more. I hope your knee is getting better. I was uprooting weeds from the backyard the other day and my body is so out of commission that even now, I am still having body aches. My husband tells me I’m walking like Godzilla (been a couple of days now) because I strained my leg muscles even going upstairs is an ordeal. No joke. I’m in pain and I didn’t even come out of surgery. I can only imagine yours. I hope all is well with your husband too. Enjoy the rest of the day, or maybe Bonsoir is more appropriate.

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    2. That sounds painful, Caeli. There are gardening stools and padded kneelers that might make tending your garden easier on you. Hope you mend quickly and the sun comes out. My Tom is slowly getting well, me too. Am working on some posts, trying to answer a Catholic Biblically. I know you two will pray – praying for you.

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    3. I saw the kneeling pads but I just passed through them thinking I could do without but I was wrong. I squatted for a long period of time and that was pretty much what messed me up. The sun did come out and I am feeling better today especially since it’s been bright all day. Most days start gray and sometimes when the sun decides to come out, it’s when it’s about to set. I still have a little painful sensation when I move my legs but definitely much better compared to yesterday.

      Glad to hear that you and your husband are gradually getting better. Will be praying for you guys and thank you for also keeping us in your prayers. We truly appreciate it.

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